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Classes & Times

barre Power Barre

Each Power Barre class incorporates an upper body workout with light hand-weights and a combination of high-intensity sequences of thigh, booty and core exercises incorporating isometric movements at the barre.

Intensity Rating: 3


basicbarre Basic Barre

Our introduction to barre class. We highly recommend new students to first take this class to learn the basic barre movements. This is also a great class to take for those who want to brush up on their form or those who see a slower paced, yet highly effective, class.

Intensity Rating: 2


BurnBarreImageBurn Barre

All the benefits of our Power Barre workout but with intense cardio bursts. This class will get your heart rate up while intensifying fat burn and building lean muscle mass.

Intensity Rating: 3.5


LOGO-Web Body Rockin’ Boot Camp

Our Signature Boot Camp combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with body sculpting and core work. This is an intense total body workout and meant for those looking for the greatest results in the shortest amount of time. This is NOT a barre class.

Intensity Rating: 5






This low impact class combines bursts of both high and low intensity cardio on our individual trampolines. After 5 minutes of HIIT Jumping, we  then focus on strengthening and lengthening each muscle group & continue this cycle for a full hour!

Intensity Rating: 4



Pilates meets Boxing meets Dance! This class uniquely blends the power, speed and agility of boxing with the targeted sculpting and flexibility of pilates. Add to that some exhilarating dance moves and you have a muscle-toning workout that is guaranteed to leave you feeling physically and mentally empowered!

Intensity Rating: 4

jumpJump & Pump


This 30 minute High Intensity class consists of 9 one minute rounds of Jump Rope followed by 9 one minute rounds of strength training (similar to how we alternate back & fourth between cardio & strength in Tramp-o-LEAN)!! Get ready to blast fat FAST while toning up!
Intensity Rating: 4.5


Weekly Class Schedule

All Classes(Except Jump & Pump and Abs & Ass) are an hour long! As of September 5th we will no longer be using our MindBody software! All classes are Drop-in only however you MUST email to register for a weekend class as we will not show up if no one emails saying they are coming!!

Effective August 25th: Fall Schedule


 5:30pm~ Burn Barre

6:30pm~ Jump & Pump

7:00pm~ Abs & Ass (College Discount)



5:00pm~ Jump & Pump (College Discount)

 5:30pm~ Power Barre


5:30pm~ PILOXING

6:30pm~ Burn Barre (College Discount)


5:00pm~ Jump & Pump

 5:30pm~ Power Barre

6:30pm~ Tramp-o-LEAN (College Discount)


Personal Training ONLY!


8am~ Jump & Pump

8:30am~ Tramp-o-LEAN

9:45am~ PILOXING (College Discount) 


8:00am~ Jump & Pump

8:30am~ Power Barre

9:45am~ Burn Barre


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