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About The Studio

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Welcome to Body Rockin’ Fitness! At our studio we strive to make sure you are having as much Fun as possible while still getting in an intense workout that will yield you results!

We encourage you to wear whatever you feel comfortable in for class but please note that all of our classes, with the exception of Boot Camp & Jump & Pump, are barefoot classes.

All classes will utilize a yoga mat!! We suggest you bring your own, but we do have extras to lend you if you’ve forgotten!

You MUST register for Every class in advance on our MINDBODY Site located under our Schedule tab! Any class that has no registrants 8 hours prior will be cancelled. Furthermore, if you need to cancel a class you have scheduled, you have 6 hours prior to class to do so before you are charged for the class.

We welcome all Ages & all Fitness Levels!

“Your Body Will Go Exactly as Far as your Mind Pushes it to Go!”